Available Services

Therapy can help you take charge.

  • Do you feel distant or disconnected from your partner?
  • Are you facing separation or divorce?
  • Are you negotiating a difficult personal decision or challenge?
  • Do you struggle with parenting?
  • Are you overcome by negative thought patterns or cruel self-talk?
  • Do you feel stuck, burned-out or overwhelmed?
  • Are you frustrated by self-sabotaging behaviour?
  • Do you feel unhappy or dissatisfied in your own skin?

Session Formats

I am currently taking on new clients in a limited capacity.
I am able to meet with you via the following teletherapy options:

  • Video sessions
  • Telephone consultations and sessions

Please contact me using the form found on the Contact page for more information.

Psychotherapy for individuals specializing in anxiety and stress, self esteem, relationships difficulties, and personal development.

Build upon what was discussed in previous weeks, or explore new topics or concerns that have taken precedence in your life.

In these sessions you are the expert of your own life. There are no judgements or assumptions made during our time; the focus is on collaborating with you to create a space where your voice, your wants, and your unique perspectives are not only heard, but supported and advocated for.

Pricing: $140 / 50 mins.

Format: Video and telephone sessions

Using creative practices as a way to help reframe and (re)examine how we look at ourselves, our relationships, and the world. Art psychotherapy isn't about the end goal of creating “Art,” but about the process.

This process means tapping into parts of the brain that often get overlooked or underused, but actually provide a wealth of knowledge about how we each uniquely experience and perceive the world.

Pricing: $140 / 50 mins.

Format: Video and telephone sessions

Sliding scale options are available* to those individuals demonstrating special need on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire for further details.

*Sliding scale rates are subject to availability

Pricing: $90-130 / 50 mins.

Format: Video and telephone sessions

No Fee Telephone Consultation - 15 min.